Angels & Airwaves - Rebel Girl (Official Music Video)

20 août 2019
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If you want to dance my love
my little rebel girl
Come a little closer now
and let me in your world
Sometimes it’s a lonely cause
So I just make believe
If you’re gonna take a chance
then take a chance on me
Do you want to go back to where we started
Back before we were broken hearted
Come my way, come-come
I gotta tell ya-
The shoe fits
my little Cinderella
Every little thing you do is like a tidal wave
A fire deep within those eyes
The kill is so cliche
Dance my little Rebel Girl
And show me how you move
Let me take you in my arms
And into the back room
Do you want to go back to where we started
Back before we were broken hearted
Come my way, come-come
I gotta tell ya
The shoe fits
my little Cinderella
Do you want to go back to where we started
Back before we were broken hearted
Come my way, come-come
I gotta tell ya
The shoe fits
my little Cinderella
I’m lost in nerves, I can’t recover
I die inside, unlike any other
Come my way, come my little girl
Come back....
Do you want to go back to where we started
Back before we were broken hearted
Come my way, come-come
I gotta tell ya
The shoe fits
my little Cinderella
Do you want to go back to where we started
Back before we were broken hearted
Come my way, come-come
I gotta tell ya
The shoe fits
my little Cinderella
Directed by Matt Thompson
#angelsandairwaves #rebelgirl

  • Living this video and it fucking hurts

    titanfighter12titanfighter12Il y a 11 heures
  • Way better than the crap blink 182 is putting out right now.

    MasenkoMasenkoIl y a jour
  • This is one of the best songs of 2019

    Nolan ThompsonNolan ThompsonIl y a jour
  • This needs to be uploaded to their official account it will get some many views. Tom is back on his A game. Love it

    K MK MIl y a 2 jours
  • what did we learn from this video, boys? if romance is your goal, friendship is never the right route to a woman, that shit only happens in movies. IRL, you gotta be direct, decisive with women - be flirty and romantic from the start, dont be a weak bitch; being scared of rejection thus going for the friendship route thinking that will make her see you as a lover, opposite of that will always happen.

    qwerty asdfgqwerty asdfgIl y a 2 jours
  • Anyone else praying for a Matt/Tom Collab someday

    Spencer LopezSpencer LopezIl y a 2 jours
  • Dark side is a good sound when you hear it without the music video playing

    Jared JacksonJared JacksonIl y a 3 jours
  • ava should replace lil wayne

    speedingchimpsspeedingchimpsIl y a 3 jours
  • It's weird I said what the fuck at the same time as the girl. 😂 Didn't even intend to.

    DayKay BernardDayKay BernardIl y a 3 jours
  • Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks. You're singles have been killing it. Can't wait for the new album.

    The NarratorThe NarratorIl y a 3 jours
  • where is the echo guitar effect :(

    FavFavIl y a 4 jours
  • Enserio! Mucho mejor que el actual blink 182! Grande tom!

    Eadras DavilaEadras DavilaIl y a 4 jours
  • Is the best song I’ve heard in a long time :’) ♥️

    Sandy MolinaSandy MolinaIl y a 4 jours
  • This sounds so much like Blink 182 to me. Like it could have been one of their songs.

    Angel JulietAngel JulietIl y a 4 jours
  • Love it

    Muse Russell23Muse Russell23Il y a 5 jours
  • blink is garbage now, it died after neighborhoods

    .m..m.Il y a 5 jours
    • Nah after dogs eating dogs. Then it died

      Harry TurnerHarry TurnerIl y a 2 jours
  • The good old days of punching yourself in the face when she rejects you. Ahhh the memories.

    Joseph NewhallJoseph NewhallIl y a 5 jours
  • She’s not even that cute, bro

    Caitlin BilleterCaitlin BilleterIl y a 5 jours
  • “BA- ROKEN HEARTED” ... Classic Tom

    Roman GoldRoman GoldIl y a 6 jours
  • Lol that ending.

    Steve DavisSteve DavisIl y a 6 jours
  • Guys lets make Angles & Airwaves famous, Tom deserves this.

    SOASOAIl y a 7 jours
  • hot chicks are not often good friends with guys they have no interest in. hot chicks think they are too good (they are) for anyone they don't think is hot or cool/popular.

    LostinOCLostinOCIl y a 7 jours
  • You know what I just realized........ listen very carefully. Anyone hear good charrolette? Similar almost- but better! :)

    Good HumorGood HumorIl y a 7 jours
  • Oh yeah 🤟🏻 AvA its comeback 🇮🇩

    Riyu CikoevaRiyu CikoevaIl y a 8 jours
  • WTF is Dendi doing in a music video.....? hahaaaaa

    Batman with HeadphoneBatman with HeadphoneIl y a 8 jours
  • Tom could sing the news and i´d love to listen!

    KenshigoKenshigoIl y a 8 jours
  • I bet the new Angels & Airwaves album will be so much better then the new Blink 182 Nine cd..dont get me wrong I love Blink but the new cd the lyrics really suck they keep repeating the same chorus over and over thats when you realize that Blink 182 needs Tom back!

    apocalipcy1987ableapocalipcy1987ableIl y a 9 jours
  • plot twist: travis replaces the drummer and mark comes in as back vocalist, TOM IS THE LEAD

    Panic! At The Twenty One Pilots bLiNk 182Panic! At The Twenty One Pilots bLiNk 182Il y a 9 jours
  • 3:33 Me after watching Darkside

    Normal Anime WatcherNormal Anime WatcherIl y a 9 jours
  • Bomb

    play meplay meIl y a 9 jours
  • Fortnite fortnite fortnite

    watchmedostuff yeetwatchmedostuff yeetIl y a 9 jours
  • Cool🤘🏿

    Munkey HeadMunkey HeadIl y a 9 jours
  • stop fallin for your best friends lads

    kibum is not amusedkibum is not amusedIl y a 9 jours
  • I'm the kind of person who fights shit days by creating a parallel world of mental films in which everything is going well. A world of lyrics, chords and music to travel with the mind.

    AntoMar82AntoMar82Il y a 10 jours
  • I knew I recognized that voice and this song had the vibes of Blink 182 hello Tom

    Shawna DrakeShawna DrakeIl y a 10 jours
  • "your shoe fits my little cinderella." If you know, you know.

    Lernd BenoLernd BenoIl y a 10 jours
  • is that Tyler Durden?

    YoHan AdhiYoHan AdhiIl y a 10 jours
  • I dunno but I liked the Lyric Video that was released before this.

    memorygatesmemorygatesIl y a 10 jours
  • I love this band ❤️ saw these Guys In Phx AZ ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    xXEAGLESFAN99XxxXEAGLESFAN99XxIl y a 10 jours
  • Man, blink is totally destroying itself without Tom, that being said, Tom is the ONLY person that can save blink.

    joshyyoshjoshyyoshIl y a 10 jours
  • Team Tom!

    CJ HCJ HIl y a 10 jours
  • I Love Angels and Airwaves

    Kratos hauhnarKratos hauhnarIl y a 10 jours
  • Tom is Robert Smith of this generation.

    elrod mahelrod mahIl y a 10 jours
  • This is more blink than blink 182

    Matias ValenzuelaMatias ValenzuelaIl y a 10 jours
  • Love AVA, but this song kinda blows. Lyrics are pretty dumb.

    GrizzleShackGrizzleShackIl y a 11 jours
  • Пиздострадалец. Бывает..

    barahlishkobarahlishkoIl y a 11 jours
  • At least we know what to expect with AVA. This is great feel good music. Not forced over produced bs that I keep hearing with Blink. You can tell this was the bands vision and not the labels. P.s. if blinks new sound isn't the labels vision, that would be even worse.

    Eric MontielEric MontielIl y a 11 jours
  • Tom's voice really gives more life to these songs

    Peter Paul Valladolid UbalPeter Paul Valladolid UbalIl y a 11 jours
  • Tom is..... BIBLICAL !!!!

    AntoMar82AntoMar82Il y a 11 jours
  • Fuck his voice make me cummmmm

    katieee annekatieee anneIl y a 11 jours
  • This is why I follow Tom..... Pretty legit

    Angela WormuthAngela WormuthIl y a 11 jours
  • AvA rasa Pee Wee Gaskins ni 💕🎉🎊🎋🎐

    rait0lightrait0lightIl y a 12 jours
  • Saw AVA live last night. They Killed it!!! Tom is still the fucking man. His voice was on point. They put on an amazing show. Fucking love them

    11bravo178911bravo1789Il y a 12 jours
  • Play it in 1.25x speed, you get a retro blink?

    anti zionistanti zionistIl y a 12 jours
  • 2019 from indonesia 🇮🇩

    Rafli HusainiRafli HusainiIl y a 12 jours
  • Goddamn. It's 2019, can we curb the uber-gynocentric simp beta-male-orbiter cucking? I would've hoped that AVA evolved with the times, not devolved...

    Zach ZephyrZach ZephyrIl y a 12 jours
    • Very true. Their lyrics do not age well. I did like how AVA was exploring more broader human concepts and struggles beyond chasing pussy, but it seems like that all their new album is going to be.

      Zach ZephyrZach ZephyrIl y a 12 jours
    • Blink have always been beta. They're only non beta song was touchdown boy

      Proper GanderProper GanderIl y a 12 jours
  • Oh look... it's a mass shooter motivational video.

    Digital PsychosisDigital PsychosisIl y a 12 jours
  • F for Tom

    Nick HaysNick HaysIl y a 12 jours
  • Loved it

    Jokha AlhabsiJokha AlhabsiIl y a 12 jours
  • God I love AVA

    Ryan NicholasRyan NicholasIl y a 13 jours